Zorro series

Zorro is an exciting adventure western series the events of which take place during the 20-ies of the nineteenth century.Zorro

The plot revolves around an ordinary young man by the name of Don Diego la Vega, who lives in Los Angeles. He is no different from others and leads an inconspicuous life. However, once he becomes tired of watching how hard the lives of the poorest of society are, while the rich gentlemen in power in the city live without denying themselves. Since then, the main hero begins to lead a double life. From time to time he turns out to be in the defense of the common people, a true hero who is hiding his face under the mask. He does it so secretly so that even the closest friends have no idea about the other side of his life. The newly hero calls himself Zorro and becomes the last hope for a decent future for the farmers, but along with that he becomes the object of hatred for the rich, who are willing to do anything to get rid of him.

Toledo – a historical drama series

Toledo is a historical drama the action of which takes place in the 13th century on the territory of Castile. At that time the region was led by King Alfonso X the Wise and as always palace life was full of intrigues, gossips and wiles which in turn often lead to negative consequences.

For the long two decades there has been a fierce confrontation between Castile and the Muslim peoples, but in the end, Alfonso X managed to put an end to this after he has concluded peace with the government of Al-Andalus. However, many members of the nobility who have been enriched during the military conflict, were not happy with the decision of the king and soon there appeared church on their side, thus endorsing the continuation of this bloodshed. However, there have been those who understood that the shaky peace is still better than war.

Among this people there has been prudent Don Rodrigo, who was supported by a few colleagues. All this led to serious political unrest that threatened not only the resumption of hostilities, but also the change of monarch.

The Pillars of the Earth review

The Pillars of the Earth is a historical drama the plot of which is based on the work of the famous British author Ken Follett.

the pillars of the earthThe action takes place in the far XII century in England when Henry I has been the king. One day, under quite unusual circumstances, death catches up the only son and heir of the monarch. For the time being he has only a very young daughter named Matilda. She cannot ascend the throne, but if the young girl will give birth to a son, he will be the rightful heir to the throne when he becomes adult.

After a while as it usually happens, Henry is poisoned as a result of palace intrigues and power struggles. His nephew Stephan who is supported by the archbishops takes the position of the king. From that moment on the situation that has already been difficult only becomes tougher because Matilda with her supporters represented by the aristocracy, who gave her son of the oath of allegiance are not going to give up so easy. They begin to prepare a rebel in order to return the throne and, thus, Britain is embroiled in internecine fight which is full of betrayal and hatred.

El Dorado TV series review

El Dorado is an adventurous TV series in which it goes about the young archeologist Jack wilder who devotes most of his time to the study of the Inca culture. El Dorado TV series
He has long been a regular guest of Mexico and, just like any other adventurer, he wants to find the way to the legendary city of Eldorado, which, according to the legend, is full of gold and precious stones more than anything else.

One day, during another trip to South America, he meets with one of the locals, a guy named Diego who tells Jack about the existence of some secret.

However, the hero does not manage to get more information, because his new friend unexpectedly dies in an accident. At some point, he is disappointed in the search and even going to leave the country. Unexpectedly, he finds ancient manuscripts that prove that Eldorado certainly exists. Wilder finds out that there is one scientist named Vincenzo Velverde, who lived in the Middle Ages. He was really close to unraveling the mystery. After reading his works, Jack learns of the existence of one amulet that will help to find the right way.

Ed Stafford: Naked and Marooned

Ed Stafford: Naked and Marooned is a documentary series in which it goes about perhaps one of the most complex experiments of survival which has ever been shown. The action will take place on one of the islands of the archipelago of Fiji, on the shore of which there appears the major character, the traveler by the name of Ed Stafford.

Ed Stafford: Naked and Marooned
Ed has absolutely no means of survival except for the one single video camera. The heat is unbearable and Stafford has no fresh water. It is necessary for him to find the source of life-giving water as soon as it is possible or otherwise he can die from dehydration in the very beginning of the experiment.

With the camera, Ed will record everything that is happening starting from the search for water and provisions and ending with the construction of temporary shelter. He has no tools. That is why he needs to get out of any situation to be using his own ingenuity. Whether a man can spend 60 days on the island only by using his own skills for survival is still a question.

Wentworth season 4 synopsis

Wentworth season 4 series

Wentworth Australian TV series launched in the fall of 2013. The creators of the show filmed a truly fascinating history. No wonder this multi-part series found fans from the first series. Magnificent directors worked on the crime series Wentworth. This is Kevin Carlin, Catherine Millar, Tori Garrett. Their work has a success: the tape was very harmonious, and at the same time unpredictable.

The prison about which it will go is situated in Australia. Just like in the most similar places, here one will find definite rules and laws. Wentworth season 4 is a dramatic TV series that is telling about the life of young women who are living in the places which are not that far.  It is vitally necessary to follow these rules as otherwise it is quite probable to face problems with existence and health.

The events of the season start 3 months after the first season. While Bea gets 12 years for a murder, Franky becomes unbelievably angry. Erica is replaced by Joan who immediately establishes new rules. The series is full of new turns which are interesting to be followed.